The author takes us on her journey through her darkest times of her life, to making it through to becoming an outstanding woman. She has been through a lot in her life, and she is glad to share it. It really opens up your eyes to see what goes on around the world with some people and what they are going through.

– Barbara (Babs) Hightower, Amazon customer

Sometimes we think what a cliché when we hear of stories of people who have been healed by faith, by the power of Jesus. But her story feels genuine and this honest portrayal may be the high dose of reality you need.

Sometimes raw, glitzy, with spirals of drugs, alcohol, and sex addiction, and crime, this novel takes the reader on a journey of some of the darkest points in life and comes out the other end with a glowing light.

Sometimes truth hurts, but eventually it heals.

A great read and a great life.

Ami Blackwelde, author and blogger

Second Edition

by Dr. Rose Maria McCarthy Anding

Short summary

High Heels, Honey Lips and White Powder by Rose “Maria McCarthy” Anding is a dynamic account of one woman’s struggle to overcome the temptations of the world, the allure of the “in crowd,” and the pursuit of the “fast lane”—all things that lead to her personal confrontation with society as an unexpected addict. Anding’s struggle to recover is a compelling story that will inspire others who are entrapped by addiction and will aid those who work with such individuals.

The book is part religious self-help book, part memoir about the author’s transformation from a drug addict to someone with a “new life after falling in love with Jesus.” Her story provides inspiration to those who are entrapped to become again the person that God wants them to be by establishing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Dr. Rose Maria McCarthy Anding was born in Mississippi. Anding, executive director of the Restoration Christian Outreach Community, oversees the humanitarian programs being operated by Early & Lettie Simmons Foundation for Humanity in honor of her parents, to help those who are ensnared by the addiction of any kind. She is a widower, mother, step-mother, grandmother, and a great-grandmother.

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